Cushite Hebrew International-Mizrahi Jewish International Rabbinical Council 

Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad®

Adenic Kingdom Civilization Int'l Societies of Mizrahi Judaism

"Global Edenic Kingdom Without Borders"

Affiliated to the United Nations DESA


Promoting peace & the spirit of brotherhood amongst all cultures, races, religions & peoples 

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Yahwah ELah and Ha' Ruwah Qodesh are the Keys to the foundation of the Torah and finding the Truth of the Garden of Eden. Seek Knowledge and seek the Way above and beyond just religion. Mizrahi Judaism is cultural and nationalistic Judaism. We aspire to build a Kingdom of Peace, Love and Brotherhood!!  


 "The Way! The global  Adenic Kingdom Civilization without borders. Establishing Effective Jewish-Israelite Leadership, building sustainable Adenic societies, promoting Natural Law, Rural humanitarian, Pastoral & emergency medicine, Integrative Family Life Care® & human rights to Govt's & Nations around the world"   Over 20 years of service to humanity!! 

Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad is affiliated and registered with the United Nations Global Compact and Department  of Social Affairs and Economic Development as an NGO & Soveriegn Sacerdotal Jewish Ecclesiastical Society and Order. Optimized for Internet Explorer ONLY(Please use Compatibility Mode for viewing)


We are a Multi-Ethnic/cultural Torah Based International body and Society of Communities, Ministries, Institutions and Organizations promoting the Ancient Ethnic Jewish Israelite culture of the Orthodx Mizrahi culture, ideology and faith. We represent the Essene Branch of Ancient Judaism, commonly known today as Enochic Judaism. Our people are of diverse hebrew communities, both Arab and Isarelite-Jewish, throughout the Middle East, Israel and North/North East Africa. Our connections range from the Mizrahi Netzarim to the Ethiopian Jews of Africa to the Alawites of Syria to the Druze of Mt Carmel and diverse ethnic branches in Southwest Arabia and throughout Mesopotamia .

Micah 4:3 And He shall judge among many peoples, and reprove strong nations afar off. They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks – nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither teach battle any more. Mic 4:4 But each one shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree, with no one to make them afraid, for  the mouth of יהוה of hosts has spoken. 

Mic 4:5 For all the peoples walk, each one in the name of his mighty one, but we walk in the Name of יהוה our Elohim forever and ever.  Mic 4:6 “In that day,” declares יהוה, “I gather the lame, and I bring together the outcast and those whom I have afflicted. Mic 4:7 “And I shall make the lame a remnant, and the outcast a strong nation. And יהוה shall reign over them in Mount Tsiyon1, from now on and forever.

Our International Ecclesiastical Order and organization is focused on a higher call that goes above and beyond just religion and the local four wall Sabbath Congregation. While such is needed to preserve our culture and help bring our people together in various diaspora cities and countries, we seek to promote a Unified Adenic Kingdom Unity to build a Civilization based on the Ancient Original Adenic Hebraic Principles of Yahwah Elahin(Elah-Aramaic biblical name of the Eternal Creator) that benefits all of mankind in a egalitarian Society that promotes diversity of Worship, human expression and knowledge of the divine via The Way.

We also seek to lay the foundations of that Adnic Kingdom Civilization and advance the cultural & social values of our ancient Mizrahi Judaic culture as opposed to the modern Western religious ideals that promote division, intolerance, imperialism, corruption and bigotry.

Our goal is to build our Head Quarters in the true biblical Land of Eden(Aden), which is Southwest Arabia, where only the Anointed of Elah can re-open the gates of Aden and return us unto our original place of origin. The World is hurting & wounded from hundreds of years of religious, secular and political assault against various populations, thus destroying families & diversity in cultural pride. They are seeking to be fulfilled and have major needs met on a higher level without the problems of religious division, doctrinal differences & superiority complex syndromes that are many times promoted by many elements of religion in the spirit of hate. Modern Religion & offshoots of hate filled, violent extremism such as Black Hebrews Israelites, Ku Klux Klan, Christian Fundamentalism, Jewish Zionism & Islamic Taliban and Al Qaeda has brought a bad name & image to the Abrahamic Covenant which is rooted in the Adenic Covenant and thus represents the Worst that Isaac and Ishmael have to offer. The World will never achieve Peace, Love and brotherhood while these elements are allowed to exist.

However understanding of the Power of the Ruwah Qodesh and her role in connecting us to the Mind of Yahwah Elah, can lead us towards the path of Shalom, prosperity, Global Brotherhood. The Ruwah Qodesh is what makes us Complete Jews/Israelitrs in Yahwah Elah and salvation and redemption is found when she dwells within us.


          Prophetic Mizrahi Jewish Renewal Teachings to build Jewish Character, Integrity, Spiritual & Culturl empowerment and Jewish Praise and Worship

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Mizrahi Israelite International Rabbinical Council® serves as the Leadership Board & Sovereign Sacerdotal Theocratic ecclesiastical governmental authority of the Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad®, established, rooted and authorized by and in conformity to the ancient Torah Law codes given unto the Hebrew peoples through Moshe and the successive prophetic priesthood of the Netzarim Essenes.

NOTE: If you are an ordained Rabbi or Kohan who would like to serve on the Council or would like to recieve Rabbinical training through apprenticeship, please contact us.


The Council consists of authorized Ministry departments that function to implement and promote effective and authorized Torah based leadership structure & order; Spiritual, cultural and community growth and development; Hebrew education; financial and economical development; Holistic and Natural Medicine, health and rehabilitation; International & Intra-national religious and secular Diplomatic relations with other ministries, organizations, communities, sovereign governments, associations & NGO's etc..

 Our Sacred Constitution in the section of Debarim(Duet. 16:18-20; 17:8-23 gives the basis of our establishment of (A) the Bi-Cameral Legislative Board(Knesset) which consists of the Levitical Priesthood(12) and Nazarite laymen Rabbinical/priestly order(12) serving as the Halachic Advisory Board to the Supreme Halachic Council of the Holy 12 under the Divine Leadership of the Rabi-Kohan(Chief Priest & the Sovereign Theocratic Sacerdotal Leader), in which all other authorized Boards and offices are subservient to. (B)the Legally Constituted Rabbinical court(Beth Din) of Ecclesiastical and Sacerdotal Jurisdiction serving affiliated and unaffiliated Ha' Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad/Edenic Hebrew Kingdom Israelites-Jews and gentiles, including the entire spectrum of the Mizrahi Netzarim Israelite Jewish community. (c) the Executive Administrative council, consisting of Business/Community board of directors who work under the Ministry leadership of the Melek-Zadik whose office itself is to assist the Rabi-Kohan in all business related matters of the Kingdom Communities, Organizations & Ministries.

The Councils are empowered with the responsibility of administering the legal, business and Judicial/Arbitration aspects of Jewish-Israelite law in regards to disputes(Family, Divorce, civil. religious/spiritual, cultural & business), cultural & spiritual living & proper halachic lifestyles & ethics. We don't practice Secular Law, but Jewish-Israelite Law, a different, distinct, jurisdiction(Separation of Religion & State). However the Council is responsible for applying legal laws and procedures in regards to interpretation of Jewish Contracts, due process, adhering to legal guidelines and other state and federal laws, to ensure all rulings of arbitration procedures are legally binding and upheld in secular courts. There's also responsibility for paralegal aspects of document preparation & all civil disputes are in accordance to the rules & procedures of secular law in accordance to the American Arbitration Association.

All Arbitration proceedings are Legally binding under International, federal, state & local law and are upheld in all Judicial Jurisdictions.
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